About Arton:1 Projekt AB

Arton:1 Projekt AB is a newly started company that nevertheless has a long and solid experience of drawing and constructing entrance partitions and doors. Basically, we are door-designers who design and construct to ensure that ex. your entrance gets the right function, materials, glass and hardware. From us you will get a secure, functional and stylish solution and we also manufacture, deliver and assemble it for you.

Today, we work mostly in public environments and are creative partners to architects, contractors and project managers, accustomed to navigating in the jungle of regulations, rules and guidelines regarding doors and security.

Let us be part of the process early and you can save a lot of time, energy – and ultimately – money.

Our business is growing. Do you want to join and work with us?

In five years, we expect to be about ten employees.

If you are a construction engineer, project manager with experience or recently graduated and interested in following along on our journey, please feel free to contact us! We are located in newly renovated offices in Örebro, central Sweden.

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